Alexa Wayne Vampire Cartoon by Alexa Wayne
Alexa Wayne Vampire Cartoon by Alexa Wayne

Alexa Wayne is a graphic/web artist and designer. She studied sequential art with Comics Experience under the mentorship of Robert Atkins. Alexa Wayne worked for Geek Initiative and for many authors.

Alexa Wayne brings your dreams to pixels as an illustrator and comic book artist as well as designs.


Alexa Wayne studied graphic design nearly a decade ago. However, she stayed relevant by keeping herself up to date with every platform including WordPress and Wix. She is a certified WordPress website builder and is always looking for new clients to build websites.

Equipped with the best tech, Wayne always looks forward to working with new clients or those who come back. Her specializations go from branding to websites! PRICE STARTING AT $65.00 USD.


Alexa Wayne also does branding from the ground up both for digital purposes and stationery. She masters Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Clip Studio Paint among other software. Alexa strongly believes in her professional skills to bring visions to life including companies and authors whom she works for routinely.

Graphic designing includes everything from branding to book layouts, formatting, book covers, and stationery. PRICE STARTING AT $65.00 USD.


Alexa Wayne has thirteen years of acting school and classical ballet. She has training in singing and offers technical services. She is often hired to do book trailers and also does narration for novels and comic books. PRICE STARTING AT $55.00 USD.


Alexa Wayne is not only an artist and also a prolific author in science fiction and superhero. Her certifications go from creative writing, novel writing, editing, and script for comic books as well as movies. Her specialization helps in helping people creating worlds. PRICE STARTING AT $45.00 USD.


Alexa Wayne gives workshops for World Building perfect for RPG, gaming, LARPS, sequential art, books, and anything which needs more methodology or organization. The workshop is an eight-class course with assignments and video chat. PRICE OF WORKSHOP: $45.00 USD.

Alexa Wayne gives workshops for Drawing & Illustration. Covering the basics of drawing from basic shapes to shading and dynamics. She teaches the fundamentals and enjoy helping everyone who has passion for the art of drawing. PRICE OF WORKSHOP: $45.00 USD.

Just got a logo done. Super happy with it. Great communication, awesome recommendations, and reasonable pricing. Definitely recommend.

Francis Joseph Burns

Ask for a rate or commission today!

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